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We will take out online credit not only in numerous banks operating in Poland but also in non-bank companies or on financial social platforms. Which offer is really worth using? Certainly, one that is able to offer us the best and most beneficial solutions for us. We live in constant care. We do not have time for anything. From one work, we run to the other, we still strive to have more, we take more orders. We send children to the next classes, we try to live at a high level. We like everything that is fast, easily available and obtainable now and now. Such is certainly loans over the Internet, which is appreciated by a large group of people. So why is this product so valued on the market?

Why are the future borrowers putting on him today? The main reason is that it is simply easy to receive. We do not even have to leave the house so that the money will be on our account in a few moments. You do not have to run around the city, look for companies that will offer us a good product. It is enough to use the ranking of loans, check the most-right solutions, choose a specific branch and step by step by completing the form to receive what we want. Online loans are very often chosen and are all put on today by young people, middle-aged people, and older people. All you need to do is have access to the Internet and your own bank account in order to receive this product without the slightest problem.

Fast money via direct payday loans online!

The Internet allows us to do many things without having to leave the house. It has become a distribution channel for products and services for companies operating in various branches of the national economy. Among other things, various financial services like direct payday loans are offered online today. try gadcapital.com/ for free today.

While before 2009 banks were liberal in lending to customers and basically the vast majority of consumers requesting loans received a positive response, after the financial and economic crisis in the world the banks were forced to tighten the lending criteria. The Polish Financial Supervision Authority obliged banks to scrupulously calculate their creditworthiness and to check the creditworthiness of clients before issuing a decision on payment or not a credit obligation. Internet credit significantly changed its area of ​​activity and today the situation in the case of branches is significantly different. Through this, all the credit process has become longer and has become much more complicated. In an instant, in line with KNF’s recommendations, loans for online ID cards and loans were disappeared because their verification of the borrower was incomplete.

Currently, borrowed online, without the need for the customer to visit a bank branch is available in a few banks and only for customers who already use the services of the same bank. A good history of cooperation between the borrower and the lender means that the bank may be willing to make the loan available online without having to go through a tedious credit procedure. The possibilities that the Internet has given us are really huge and anyone who has access to it can literally do anything with it. Thanks to the fact that we have different types of devices today, we can use the possibilities of the Internet anywhere in the world. Laptop, smartphone, desktop computer, tablet … There are many ways. When it comes to financial services, there is a lot of room for this topic.

As a lender, companies offer their services fully, as borrowers people have the opportunity to get what they want. Via the Internet, we can check the proposals of particular branches, we can compare them, and consequently, put on a solution that will be the most beneficial for us. So if not a bank on this topic, because its operation is very limited for us, it is definitely worth taking advantage of the proposals that the parish has to offer. Not every offer, of course, is good and you can not use every one of them, but that’s why we have the Internet so that we can find out everything. It’s worth reading reviews, it’s worth checking the ratings. If we choose a specific outlet and a given financial product, we need to be sure that it is the most profitable for us and that its choice is the best we can put into ourselves. All you need to do is enter words related to the loan or online loan in the search engine, and we will get full access to what we may be interested in and what can meet our expectations, requirements, and needs.

Online loan without certificates

Banks are obliged to control in a comprehensive way people applying for a loan – regardless of its form, amount or period of crediting. In turn, non-bank companies operate outside the reach of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority and determine the conditions to be met by the borrower. Therefore, the loan on the Internet in loan companies is one of the standard products. Firms lending payday loans operate in the non-bank loans sector, but they must meet the requirements indicated, among others in the anti-usury law.

Internet loans – what are the rules for receiving them?

The loan is granted on the same terms as a standard loan, but the client is not forced to visit a non-banking company on a personal basis. He applies for the commitment via an electronic loan application made available on the website by the lender. It can also send scans or photos or electronic versions of required financial documents via the internet. On this basis, the non-bank company decides whether to give a loan to the customer or not. A positive credit decision means that even several minutes after the loan application is made, the client may receive a non-cash payment to the indicated bank account. Much also depends on what company we deal with. It is known that each institution operates on completely different principles, and this means that it is necessary to fully adapt to the conditions for which we decide to place ourselves.

One thing is certain since it is an online product, it means that we do not have to leave the house to receive it. Therefore, there is no need to go personally to the bank’s branch, waste time in queues, be afraid of the whole papyrology, which very often takes a lot of time. All you have to do is access the Internet so that you can fill out the online application yourself. Fast, simple, problem-free and effective. Can you want something more?

Sticking to the conditions

And if we already get a loan in a given Anderson, it is extremely important that we fully adhere to the conditions that will be specified in the contract. So what does this mean? If we take a loan, it has set rules. We know what percentage we borrow, how much we have to pay, and what time it is borrowed. If we do not repay our loan on time, then the non-bank branch starts charging interest for late payment. The costs of such interest are very large and therefore failed to comply with the terms of the contract may turn out to be very serious in consequence. When borrowing money, you need to be sure that we will be able to pay it back.

We can be in a moment of crisis, the boss is slow to pay off, we need quick cash to buy shoes and jackets for children. Everything is as clear as possible. However, when we reach for such a loan, we must be sure that for these 30, 60 or 90 days we will be able to pay it back. If we have a job, there is no problem, we put aside money, we set the budget accordingly. However, if we do not have this job at the moment, and we take out a loan, we can expect that we will soon fall into an avalanche of debts, which will be really difficult to get out of.

It is not without reason that loans are for people who have money. We know that if we borrow it, it is a goal. We may not have enough money or simply have a temporary financial crisis. However, if we borrow, we should be sure that we will repay this money. Always remember this! Many people, unfortunately, completely unknowingly decide to take a quick loan online, without paying any attention to the consequences. It all then leads to huge problems, which end up taking the apartment, car, loss of all life’s accomplishments. And we do not want to be in this moment of our life, do we?

That is why we carefully plan our expenses, including the installment of the loan that we must pay off. This planning must take place in a longer perspective than one month. Then we can be sure that the loan will be just one more duty, and it will not turn into a problem of all life.

Personal Finance Course: Your Financial Heritage

We introduce you to the first stage of your financial journey that will help you to accurately identify the value of your assets. Your financial path can be viewed as a journey. There is no point in being well-equipped and having a compass if you do not know where you begin your walk.

The diagnostic phase is probably the most important phase of the path. You need to know clearly the starting point so that you can then chart a route toward your goals. To help you, we propose that you focus today on the identification of your financial assets.


First, what does Financial Heritage mean?

Personal Finance Course

The financial wealth of a family is the difference between their assets (what puts money in their pockets) and their debts (what takes money out of their pockets). It seems to be a simple task but the fact is that many people do not know how many debts they have …


Identify Your Assets

Identify Your Assets

Unfortunately, for most people, this task is quite fast. Just look at the balances of your bank accounts and identify the value of the various financial products you have. The value of your real estate must also be considered, and you must record an estimate of the market value (the value at which you could sell the property).

Balances should be checked on a regular basis (for example on a monthly basis) and especially important if we are talking about your savings / investment portfolio, which will be addressed in the mini-course of investments (to be published soon).


Identify Your Debts

Identify Your Debts

Once you know the value of your assets, you should look at the value of your debts . Never forget that assets and debts are usually associated, so a careful analysis should always take into account the difference between the two (called net financial assets).

Its debts should be classified taking into account the following characteristics:

  1. Purpose of the credit;
  2. Amount owed;
  3. Term of the Loan;
  4. Interest rate.

Of course, if we are talking about a family, you should consider both the value of your indebtedness and that of your husband / wife.


Know the Map of Credit Responsibilities of NBB Bank

Personal Finance Course

In Portugal it is possible to quickly identify your credit using the map of credit responsibilities of the Bank of Portugal. To access your map, simply enter the NBB Bank website with your access credentials (taxpayer number and password to access the finance portal). Please note that if you are married you should review your map together with your spouse’s.

The credit responsibilities map gives us the clear view of our indebtedness being one of the central documents of our free financial checkup. Once you have removed your map, you can email us so we can help you diagnose your financial health.

Once you have done this survey, try to assess your assets in order to know the value of your assets. In reality, having a credit for home purchase also has a housing as an asset. So your financial picture is improved (which has a positive impact on your motivation).


Debts Are Not Something Bad to Start …

finance loan

An idea that should be made clear from the beginning. Debt is not a bad thing to start with. What makes something good or bad is the use we make of that good or service. We can use credit responsibly and get very good results:

  • It allows an investment of value creation;
  • It allows the purchase of a housing adapted to our needs and possibilities (avoiding the payment of an income to the landlord).

By the negative, however, the use of credit for the purchase of something beyond our means or for the purchase of goods that are not essential to our lives can bring some discomfort:

  • Payment of interest at high rates;
  • Budgetary imbalance;
  • Being stuck in an unwanted financial commitment.

Having made a rigorous diagnosis of your family’s indebtedness you are in a position to look for ways to reduce your financial costs. Some of our prescriptions in this context consist of:

  • Progressive payment of credits – The fundamental step for the progressive payment consists in the correct elaboration of the familiar budget and consequent cut of costs, step that we will speak tomorrow;
  • Consolidation of credits – Allows significant reductions in your installments which, in the final analysis, will allow you to pay more quickly all of your credits;
  • Renegotiation of credits – Provides the reduction of your monthly installments without having to resort to new credit.

Try to do until tomorrow an association between all the credits you have and the respective interest rate of each of them.

Beware Of Pre-Financed Home Savings Contracts

The building societies are currently not very easy. The reason for this is the extraordinarily low mortgage rates: those who currently want to finance a property have every reason to enjoy the low interest rates. Most banks offer very attractive loan offers. In times like these, many people are thinking about not even betting on savings, but to take out a loan right away. After all, the dream of owning a home can thus be met immediately – saving years of saving a home savings contract is no longer necessary.


Pre-financing of savings and loan agreements are recommended

Pre-financing of savings and loan agreements are recommended

In order to be able to continue to be involved in the financing business, the building societies are increasingly recommending the pre-financing of savings and loan agreements. The basic idea is quite simple: The homeowner is provided with an immediate real estate loan, with which he can finance his project. At the same time, a home savings contract is concluded, the loan of which is intended to replace the existing loan or pre-financing. In this way, a particularly high degree of security is to be obtained: The favorable conditions for follow-up financing are considered secured.

So that the Bauspar contract can be allocated more quickly, a larger loan (which exceeds the actual financing requirement) is taken in the pre-financing to bring the Bauspar contract faster to allocate or deposit at the beginning of a larger amount.


Due to the high costing certain loans are gladly accepted

Due to the high costing certain loans are gladly accepted

However, financing experts are increasingly warning against these financing constructs: The pre-financing is usually relatively expensive and because of the additional financing needs particularly costly. A repayment usually does not take place, because instead of the home savings contract is spared. The result is additional costs that are not always directly apparent at first glance, but make the overall financing much more expensive.

Personal Payday Loans → Get the Lowest Rate Right Now [2019] Get Free Offers


On this page we present what a Personal Payday loan is. The purpose is to create knowledge of Personal Payday loans and give an overview of the different loan options. We explain to you, among other things, what costs you can expect in connection with the loan and give you good Personal Payday advice along the way.



Therefore, if you are considering applying for a loan for your next vacation or just want to get more information on the subject, you have come to the right place as we are here to guide you to find the best vacation loan.



If you need to borrow money for your next vacation, it would be obvious to look for a vacation loan. But just like with all other types of loans, it is important that you thoroughly examine the market in advance, as there can be a lot of money to save. The more money you save on your loan, the more Personal Payday you get for your money. That way you can instead spend the money on fun and entertainment when you go on your upcoming dream trip.



At Good Finance, we have many years of experience in the Danish financial sector, and therefore we also know that more and more Danes choose to spend a larger part of their income on traveling. And we can easily understand that. Because it has never been cheaper to travel. Especially if you want to go abroad. There have never been more flights from the Danish airports, and both the prices of hotels and, not least, flights have fallen significantly over the last 10 years.

Therefore, more and more Danes also choose to travel further afield to destinations such as. The United States or China, where most of them previously held themselves within the borders of Europe.

In addition, more Danes also choose to go on several Personal Paydays during the year. Many choose instead to go on one long Personal Payday to share their travel budget and take on several short trips – either in Denmark or in the form of weekend trips to European cities.

At Good Finance, we want to help everyone to afford the very big dream trip.

With us you have the opportunity to borrow between 10,000-300,000 for a trip. So whether you need a short journey here and now to get a break from everyday life or you want to get off on the big journey that you have dreamed of your whole life, then we are ready to help you .

We have previously conducted a major study of the Danes’ travel habits.

Here it turned out that it is especially soulmates who like to borrow money to travel for. But overall, it is one of the things that most Danes want to borrow for.



Although it may seem tempting just to take the first and the best loan and get off, we will recommend you to thoroughly investigate the market before you borrow money for your next vacation.

A Personal Payday loan is actually an unsecured loan, as is the case with an ordinary consumer loan. The fact that the loan is not secured means that the bank does not have collateral for the loan in pledge, as is the case with both mortgages and car loans, where the bank can sell the asset if there is a risk that the loan cannot be repaid.

Since the loan is not secured, it means, all things being equal, that interest rates will typically be significantly higher than with a secured loan. Therefore, you can save a lot of money by choosing the right loan provider.

At Good Finance, we want to help all our customers find the cheapest loans on the market – no matter what loan it is. We have many years of experience in the Danish banking industry and therefore we know of some how difficult it can be to choose the right loan and see the conditions that apply, since today there are more loan providers and more types of loans for.

Many today choose to take quick loans to fund their travels. We do not recommend this, however, as quick loans are typically considerably more expensive than a consumer loan that is included in a bank.

The word ‘quick loan’ is often perceived incorrectly, as many believe that a quick loan is a loan that can be paid quickly. It is not the case. Typically, it takes 2-4 business days for you to have the money in your account – no matter what kind of loan you take.

Instead, quick loans must be perceived as a loan to be repaid very quickly. It also means that interest rates are very high on these loans – even if you compare with a consumer loan.

Reasons Why Debt Is Your Biggest Enemy

Most will definitely agree that debt is not good and that life on credit should not be allowed, but there are people who are still living beyond their means. It is not about long-term loans with low interest payments, but about short-term loans that are taken on a regular basis so that you can afford the kind of life you really cannot afford. Such a choice is very risky and undesirable for a number of important reasons. There will be some evidence here that debt is the worst enemy of every person who makes life worse.


1. Everything you buy on credit costs more

1. Everything you buy on credit costs more

All loans are subject to certain interest rates. Interest rates on short-term loans often exceed 100% per annum. So, if you buy a product on credit, you pay both for the product and for the loan to be able to buy it. That way you spend your money unnecessarily. If you stop living on debt, the money you spend on interest payments could spend on more useful things like saving.


2. You are depriving yourself of more money

If you live beyond your means, it means that you don’t have the money you need. So you can’t invest money and you don’t get the chance to get passive income. Passive income is the way to ensure a stable financial situation in the long term, because it is obtained independently of the amount of work done. If you have free capital, you can use it, but if you don’t have it, you become a slave to your money.


3. You become dependent on creditors

3. You become dependent on creditors

If you regularly take out the credits and money you get from them, you will not be able to do without your loans. You have to take new loans every month to cover the old ones. As long as nothing changes, such a system works, but if the creditor suddenly plans to increase interest rates or not to lend at all, your entire cash flow is disrupted. You no longer have enough money to repay past debts and cover all current payments. In principle, this means that you are completely dependent on your creditor’s decisions and if they prove unfavorable to you, you will suffer great losses.


4. You risk losing everything you own

Many do not fully understand the seriousness of short-term loans. It is believed that non-repayment of short-term credit can not do anything wrong, as nothing is pledged. For example, a mortgage may be disposed of without the mortgage being surrendered, but short-term loans are issued without such obligations. The fact that nothing is pledged does not mean that you cannot lose anything. If you do not repay your debts for a long time, it will all go to the court process and then you can both dispose of property, property, and frozen and confiscated funds. If this happens, you will have to pay for your mistakes for a long time.


5. Debts are stressful

5. Debts are stressful

Finally, it is worth mentioning that peace of mind is also very important. Perhaps borrowers will not recognize it, but being in debt is very stressful. As already mentioned, borrowers are entirely financially dependent on creditors’ decisions. If it is not possible to get a loan suddenly or interest payments become higher, the whole financial situation will be destroyed in a snap. Living with the idea that you can stay completely cash-free at any time is frightening, and credits are also associated with other types of risks. There is always a chance that this system will collapse and will have to make great efforts to deal with the amount of existing income and to repay all previously taken loans.

As you can see, life on debt is good only until you can cover your monthly payments and the creditor does not change the terms of the credit, but even the slightest turmoil in your financial situation can have devastating consequences. Whether you are experiencing unexpected spending, changing macroeconomic processes or credit conditions, your good times can come to an end quickly, so you can’t let life on debt. You need to make savings and invest money so that you can be the leader in your finances.

Personal Payday Credit Price Comparison – 5 Tips |

Whether dream vacation, sports car or new facility – fulfilling many wishes requires a well-filled bank account. If you do not have sufficient savings or you do not want to touch your nest egg, you have the option of taking out a loan.

Personal Payday loan Price comparison: Benefit from advantageous conditions

Personal Payday loan Price comparison: Benefit from advantageous conditions

Given the low interest rates, borrowing is more advantageous than ever. A popular alternative to traditional bank loans are Personal Payday loans. But what about Personal Payday loans? What must be taken into account so that borrowing does not turn out to be a nightmare?

Tip 1: The interest

Tip 1: The interest

A Personal Payday loan price comparison is a credit comparison of Personal Payday loans. Those who carry out a Personal Payday loan price comparison often find that interest rates vary widely. Whether interest rates are higher or lower than traditional banks depends on the particular lender. Criteria such as the duration of the loan and the amount of the loan amount also influence the interest rate. Basically, low interest rate does not mean equal credit. Only if the other conditions are correct, favorable interest rates prove to be worthwhile.

Tip 2: Specify purpose

Tip 2: Specify purpose

At first glance, it makes no difference whether you need the credit for a car or a Caribbean cruise lasting several weeks. But appearances are deceptive: Who takes the loan, for example, to finance a car, often receives more favorable terms. All in all, it can be said that loans for the purchase of necessary items are often offered on more favorable terms.

Tip 3: The terms of the loan

Tip 3: The terms of the loan

Attractive conditions play an important role not only for bank loans but also for Personal Payday loans. The most important conditions include the duration and the amount of monthly installments. As part of the calculation, there should be sufficient scope for financial constraints. Also advantageous are special repayments and special arrangements such as the subsequent adjustment of the rate.

Tip 4: Read the contract carefully

After the Personal Payday loan price comparison, it is time to read the fine print. Whether term, installment, special repayments or repayment penalty – who informed before borrowing comprehensive, experienced later no nasty surprises.

Tip 5: Carry out a Personal Payday loan price comparison

There are hundreds of offers on the credit market – it’s hard to keep track. If you are looking for the perfect loan, it is best to carry out a Personal Payday loan price comparison. In this works in a quick, easy and non-binding way.


Worth to Repay Housing Credit

In a context where interest rates on savings products have fallen sharply and no longer yield worthy returns, we began to be contacted by readers asking whether or not it would be worth paying off their credits, especially housing credit.

In this article we will give you some arguments and present a tool that allows you to make your accounts to make a more informed decision.


Are you available?

Are you available?

The first question you have to ask yourself is if you have the liquidity available to pay off your credit. In this case, we are not talking about possible low value savings that may exist because it is important not to forget that before repaying your credit you must have an emergency fund to guard against eventualities in the future.

If you have your family budget checked, if you already have an emergency fund set up then it might make sense to move on to the next few questions. If not, we suggest you see how to balance your family budget to make room for savings.


What is the Return on Non-Risk Applications Today?

In Portugal, the return rates of risk-free products (eg rates of best time deposits or savings certificates) are not higher than 1%. We are not talking here about the marketing strategies of some banks that promote their bank accounts by offering promotional rates close to 3% but lasting only for 3 months.

When talking about risk-free savings products, we are talking only about term deposits, savings certificates and savings certificates – the latter are sold in CTT and are much more interesting than traditional time deposits.


What is the Interest Rate on My Credits?

What is the Interest Rate on My Credits?

The third question is the identification of all your credits and the interest rates you support in each of them. For a better identification of your household credit, we suggest that you check your credit and your spouse’s credit map – you only need your tax ID and password to access the finance portal.

After identifying your credits you should see in your homebanking or in your bank statements what interest rates you pay on each of the credits and any commissions for early repayment. You can send us your responsibility map to get an opinion on the ways to lower your benefits.


How to choose?

After collecting the information, you should use our credit amortization simulator and understand which alternative is the most advantageous, never forgetting:

  • Savings pay taxes and debt reduction do not;
  • Debt reduction should be seen as a long-term investment with immediate return;
  • If you need money in the short term it may not make sense to write off debt with lower interest rates;
  • If you do not have the discipline to save it is more advantageous to write off credits even if the rate is low – a bird in the hand is better …


What to Complete?

If you already have an emergency fund and if you do not expect to need your money in the short term the alternative for the repayment of some credits can be very beneficial. Of course, the higher the rate of your credit, the more attractive it will be to reduce your debt. Thus, if you have credits with rates above 5% -7% it will always be more advantageous to write them off.

If you have mortgage credit with old spreads (below 1.5% spread) it will make sense to keep your savings or create savings accounts with term up to 5 years (where rates are more interesting). At the end of the term we will see how the ERR Credit will be, as it may make sense to write off at that time. In this case it will never be worth amortizing the credit.


Do you have credits but do not want to pay off?

financial problem

If you have credits but do not want to write them off because of prudence or for any other reason, but if you wanted to lower your installments it might make sense to know the negotiation of credits. In several cases it is possible to lower your interest rates on your credit and installments without having to make a new credit. And believe that it is even possible to lower your financial benefits.

Which Financing Type Are You – Fast-Acting Or Security Type? – Mortgage Loans


In many newspapers one reads these days articles on the subject of real estate financing , which warn with raised finger to great euphoria in times of historically low interest rates.

“Without 20 – 30% equity go virtually nothing,” is there to read and the warning of the purchase of property is in those who want to protect us consumers allegedly, clearly. Right, not the interest rate should be the trigger for the acquisition of property. The object is crucial because it is supposed to be the most important place for the acquirer on a permanent or at least for one period of life. However, the low interest rate makes it much easier and above all a long-term financing and sustainable calculable . The standardized, optimal financing does not exist, but the individual realities of life are simply too different.


Types of financing


types of financing


The type “Schnelltiger” reduces the interest rate risk on a follow-on financing with fast repayment and makes use of the interest advantages of short fixed interest rates. The “security type” secures itself up to the repayment end and does not incur any interest rate risk . No matter what type you are, with about 6% burden on interest and amortization you should currently expect. For a loan of € 100,000, that’s about € 500 a month.

Let’s take a not so atypical case from the advisory role of the independent mortgage and subsidy experts of TGI Financial Partners for the security type :

Sven and Birte K., both in their late twenties, still without children, now have well-paid permanent positions as engineers and teachers after a long period of training and career entry. Large reserves for the home were not possible until now. After all, a good 15,000 € are saved as seed capital with family support. More important than the amount of equity, however, is the question of how sustainable the debt service can be for financing and whether the financing offers the necessary flexibility and long-term security for changing living conditions.

The K. family has a total cost of € 200,000 to buy the house, of which € 55,000 is financed by a constant loan from the promotional bank, which is repaid in 24 years at the same rate with a fixed monthly installment of € 285. The flexibility in financing provides a Volltilgerdarlehen 130,000 € with a fixed interest rate until maturity. The minimum rate for this type of loan is 488 € for 1% repayment, but then the maturity is more than 46 years. With high special repayment possibility and multiple repayment rate change, the loan adapts to the respective life circumstances and can be repaid with higher rate almost arbitrarily fast. One thing is certain with this financing: more than 773 € family K. must not pay in the future for the financing. If more can be paid, family K. lives earlier in the paid home! Who can say that as a tenant?

Personal Payday Loan

Good Finance serves clients and investors from north to south of Brazil. There are more than 25 branches and presence in 17 states.

Since then, you can quote and receive offers of credit and loan from Good Finance, without leaving home, or wherever you are. It’s super simple, safe and its cost for you!

Good Finance Financial Products

Good Finance Financial Products

Personal Payday LOAN

Personal Payday LOAN

Loan with installments directly discounted in Personal Payday.

Daycoval offers loans to individuals, with emphasis on Personal Payday deductible Personal Payday deduction loans to public and private employees:

If your loan is approved, serves Good Finance clients present throughout Brazil. The service is agile and the release is fast.

– Retirees and pensioners: reduced rates, with discount in the INSS card, installment in up to 72 months;
– Credit for Civil Servants, with Personal Payday discount, in 72 months *.
– Without consultation with SPC or SERASA
– Maximum amount of 30% of the benefit
– No guarantor required
– It is not necessary to be a member of Good Finance



– Cash in hand and with car in the garage;
– Cars must have a maximum of 18 years of use and be in good condition;
– For those who have a vehicle and are in need of money, you can get a loan of up to 80% of the value of the property, to pay within 48 months *
* According to credit policy and current regulations.



– It is a credit operation aimed at the individual who already owns a truck in his name and in good condition, with up to 30 years of use / manufacture,
– Credit of up to 80% of the quote value of your truck, which will be the object of operation guarantee.
– The term is up to 36 times *
* According to credit policy and current regulations.


Good Finance’s Financeira Vehicles finances the acquisition of automobiles and trucks for individuals and companies with specialized services in the main regions of the country.

To get your financing is simple, just go to a store accredited by Financial Vehicles and choose the brand and model of your choice.

– Buy at sight, paying installments in up to 48 months, financing 80% of the value of the car;
– New and used cars (up to 20 years of manufacture);
– For individuals and legal entities;



– Can be used to purchase new and used vehicles (up to 30 years of use / manufacture)
– Person or entity
– Amounts financed up to 80% of the value of the sale / quotation of the chosen item, which will be the object of the guarantee.
– The deadline is up to 48 times *

Should You Be Afraid Of Debtors?

Debt collectors in Latvia are a big industry because, although we are only 2 million people, we take a lot of credits and the total loan portfolio of Latvian households is over 6 billion euros. And this in turn means that many people have borrowed too much money and are unable to pay it back in time, where the credit institution then engages debtors, who are trying to recover those debts for all purposes.


Credit is passed on to these debt collectors

Credit is passed on to these debt collectors

And precisely because this industry is perceived to be bad and all those working there as extruders, people are often afraid of what will happen to them if their credit is passed on to these debt collectors. At first, the first thing to say is that these debtors also have to comply with laws and regulations, so they can’t do anything that would be illegal and it just makes people calm down, as soon as any of those employees working in debt collection companies violate law, so you have the right to sue him, and the judiciary treats these offenses very badly. But while these people cannot violate the law, they can intimidate people in the law and constantly give a message about themselves, just to expel the debt that people owe them.


The methods used by these debtors or proponents are varied

financial credit

Ranging from innocent e-mails and letters to your home and mobile phone, social networking and even call to work or calls to your relatives and acquaintances. The techniques used by these advocates are friends with trial and enormous fines if the debt is not repaid in time, as well as various other intimidation tactics, such as a private visit to the home or leaving the signs on your home door, thus showing that they know where you live and will not put you in peace until the debt is repaid. And, while all these techniques are legitimate, they still make a person afraid, because such strangers suddenly start to send these letters to you and call you, but worse if they come to you because you feel totally uneasy.


You can try to avoid them and do nothing bad

You can try to avoid them and do nothing bad

But even with all these things, it’s really scary from what you don’t have, because you just can’t get the door open, you can replace the phone and receive mail without getting rid of those letters. Of course, the best way to get rid of them is to finally pay for these debts, but if this is not possible, there are alternatives, because while waiting for calls and letters to arrive more regularly, you can try to avoid them and do nothing bad. you can’t!